Monday, June 8, 2020

The Volcano-Threatened Archipelago part 2: Tourist's Guide

So I compiled and expanded the details to the volcanic islands that I posted about previously, and made a pdf. It is sort of like a handout to get the essential information about the setting to the players, but it is also an in-world tourist's guide with some inaccuracies and rumors. The info in it represents what the average outsider to the islands would know, so there are some secrets and details not included.

The link to download it:

So far, the big threads that could potentially become the focus of a campaign are

  • The volcano, and finding a way to warn people about the eruption and help the islands evacuate. The volcano cultists would probably be the main enemies here, and maybe corrupt and incompetent officials who think the volcano talk is just fearmongering.
  • The Elven ruins, and surviving elven civilizations. Maybe a sort of race, both the Dragon King and the Elves want to find artifacts from the old Elven empire. The Elves want to prove that this was the first homeland of the Elves to get support from the worldwide Elven community, and the Dragon side wants to prevent that from happening and annex more islands.
  • The hunt for the lost pirate treasure, and the race to find it. Made more important by the bounty on the old pirate king and the fact that whoever finds the treasures becomes the new pirate king. Maybe I could even run it so that the bounty is just on "whoever is pirate king" so any bounty hunters would have to wait for the treasure to be found to know who to bring in.
Now that I have made this, I'm probably gonna put this idea on the shelf for now, unless some sudden bout of inspiration about this strikes again. If I decide to pursue this idea further I might make a more posts detailing the DM side of the islands, with keyed locations and encounter tables and all that. That probably won't be for a while though, unless I end up running a game in this world.

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